Day: February 20, 2021

My previous article checked out how technology has advanced to the extent that we at the moment are easily contactable no matter where we’re. Raw picture information are some occasions referred to as digital negatives, as a result of they fulfill the identical position as movie negatives in conventional chemical pictures. This means that the destructive is just not immediately usable as an image, however has all of the info needed to create an image. Like clever, the process of changing a raw picture file into a viewable format is a few occasions referred to as developing a uncooked image, by analogy with the movie development process used to convert photographic film into viewable prints.Technology

After proper installation of a hard drive it is best to test if the BIOS is properly discovering it. This is completed with the BIOS setup wherein you could enter by urgent a particular key …

The Best Bokeh Video Application on Android, No Need for Expensive Gadgets!
The Best Bokeh Video Application on Android, No Need for Expensive Gadgets!

For you photography lovers, you must be familiar with the term bokeh?

You see, bokeh has become a very familiar term in the field of photography and videography. Bokeh itself means where the background looks blurry and contrasts sharply with the main object.

Able to give results that look more attractive and professional, therefore the current bokeh effect has become a prima donna for children today.

Unfortunately, not all cellphones are currently equipped with a bokeh mode for video recording so they need the help of a bokeh video application to make it happen. Want to know what are the best bokeh video applications that you can use? Come on, see the complete article below!

How to Make a Video with a Bokeh Effect?

According to, there are two ways you can do to produce videos with a bokeh effect. First, use special gadgets such as DSLR cameras …