4 New Technologies In Rental Cars That Can Help You Drive

4 New Technologies In Rental Cars That Can Help You Drive

Most people no longer rent cars because they want to, among other things, the newest technologies found in most rental cars is one of the things that drive people to rent cars.

Everyone knows how the world has advanced technologically and the automotive industry isn’t left out. This industry has greatly improved, and this isn’t limited to just the latest model of cars springing up, but it is also about the newest technologies that come with these latest cars.

Well, these cars don’t just offer you fun technologies, but these technologies can help you learn how to drive and also drive safely. Do you want to drive one of these smart cars and you think they are too expensive for you at the moment? Why not rent one?

UK.collected.reviews has a lot of reviews about the latest car services online that you can patronize. Do yourself a favour by patronizing one of these car rental services. Meanwhile, read further to discover those technologies you will find in these rental cars:

The advanced driver assistance system

As of 2014, the advanced driver assistance system was first introduced by the US transportation department, and it was announced that every new vehicle that was manufactured under 4500kg as of May 2018 must have a rearview camera. This is so that one can see the back while reversing to avoid any form of casualty. After that announcement, the latest car innovations that were manufactured were smart cars and have the advanced driver assistance system which assists drivers to drive safely. Asides from the rearview camera, it also consists of anti-lock brakes, departure warning, electronic stability control, etc.

Voice commands

We are all used to the Google voice command, and now even the automobile industries have started using advanced voice commands in their newest car model. Now, you can communicate with your car while driving. You can ask for direction without looking at your map or even confirm parking space before getting to your destination. Another great thing is, if you are trying to avoid areas that are polluted, your car voice command can help you in totally avoiding it.

Brain assisted control

Driving a rental car with this feature means you can return the car without a scratch. The brain-assisted control ensures that your physical reaction is as fast as your mental reaction. We all know how accidents happen, it’s like a flash and in most cases, your brain knows what to do, but it might be too late to react. However, with this technology, you can react within seconds because it uses your brain waves to detect what you ought to do next.

In-car health check

People no longer need to undergo sudden heart failure while driving because the health checker will monitor their health, especially the heart rate. It comes with electrocardiography which reads your heartbeat and sugar level. It helps you keep check of your health status.

Why wait until you can afford a smart car before buying one? Rent a smart car today and enjoy all the newest technologies in it as well as also having a swell time driving.