5 Mandatory Equipment Before Driving

In driving, we have to use equipment to be more safety, because you will never know what will happen later. To avoid dangerous things, here are five equipment that you must use when driving (touring) long distances.


5 Mandatory Equipment Before Driving

For matters of security on the head, of course, you must wear a high-quality helmet. For a good helmet and recommendations from several sources, you can use a brand sold by the Wheels Motorcycles Clothing Store. Among them are the helmet brands Shoei, Caberg, HJC, Bell.


Jacket is one of the safety riding equipment that you need to wear. It helps you withstand the wind, and it is also useful to protect the body in case of an accident. In addition to paying attention to the model and size, you also must pay attention to the jacket material.

Knee and Leg Protector

Knee and Leg Protector is necessary when you ride motorsport. This equipment must be used for motocross riders because it will protect the knees and elbows from various hard objects collision.

This Knee and Leg Protector will keep the body from being in direct contact with rocks and other hard objects when the rider falls from the motorcycle.


For gloves, you can use the products provided by Wheels Clothing, including Alpinestars, Dainese, Five, Gerbing, and others. The products sold in Wheels Clothing have materials made of leather. Alpinestars brand gloves have different advantages. To order these safe gloves, you can visit the website https://shop.wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk.


Shoes are one of the safety equipment that every motorcycle rider must wear. Not all shoes are safe for motorcycle riding. Some conditions must be met for safe shoes to wear for riding.