5 Tips for Taking Great Shots as an Amateur Photographer

Opinions from experts on Collected.Reviews believe photography is fun and exciting too. Taking photos has become much easier in recent times thanks to the great improvement in technology.

If you are new to photography you might be finding it difficult on how to get started and how to take great shots as a photographer. You do not have to worry so much because there are several ways of becoming a professional photographer.

As an amateur photographer your aim is to take great shots looking like the ones on geographic sites or magazines. As a photographer you need to know that photography as an art does not have an ending when it comes to learning. Based on travel agencies experiences, there will always be more to learn when it comes to photography. So it is very important to keep practicing and learning. This article has provided you with a list of tips that will help you become better in taking great shots as an amateur photographer.

1.          Start with Basic Equipment:

In recent times, there are so many photography equipment in the market. Better cameras are being produced regularly. Every photographer will surely prefer to work with the best equipment but you need to know that it is not just the camera that makes great shots but also the technique of the photographer matters a lot. The most important thing is you need to know how to use the basic equipment as an amateur.

2.          Understand the Camera Settings:

This is a very important part of photography that you need to be perfect at. You need to know how to control the amount of light entering the camera sensor, know the appropriate balance of the camera and many more.

3.          Make Use of The Appropriate Lens:

In every aspect of photography there are different lenses for every shoot or type of shoot. As an amateur one of the basics and tips of photography you should know is the different types of lens and how to use them for different shoots.

4.          Learn to Focus:

There is so much to learn about your camera but one of the most important things is knowing how its focus works. As a photographer, if you know how your camera focus works you will easily know how to take clean shots. You need to learn how to focus on a particular aspect of your subject, for instance you can focus your camera on one of the subject’s eyes since focusing on the face might be difficult.

5.          Keep Practicing:

This is the best tip on the list. As an amateur photographer you should practice always. This way your photography skills will keep increasing gradually. Practicing is the best way to improve any kind of skill. Do not get tired, get out there and keep practicing your photography skills.


As a photographer, the more shots or photos you take, the better you get. Photography has to do with being creative and having some technical skills. As an amateur photographer willing to get better in photography, above are some listed tips that will definitely help you become better in taking great shots.

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