How To Edit Videos With InShot Applications On Android

How To Edit Videos With InShot Applications On Android

This time I will provide a video editing tutorial article using the InShot application on your Android.

The InShot application is an application that you can use to edit a video or photo. Unlike the VivaVideo, VideoShow, and VideoPad applications, the InShot application cannot combine multiple videos.

This application focuses more on video editing like adding songs, themes, blur to the background, adding text and stickers, and other features that you can use. This application can also assist you in editing a photo. Curious how to edit videos using the InShot application? Here’s a look at the review.

Download the InShot Application

Before you enter the steps of how to edit videos using the InShot application, of course, you must have the InShot application first. You can download the InShot application on the PlayStore.

Get to know the 3 InShot Menu button

After you have and install the InShot application, then the first step you can enter into the InShot application. When you first enter the InShot application, you’ll present with three menus, like Video, Photo, and Collage.

The three menus show that you can use the InShot application for video editing and photo editing. Also, you can combine several images into one image using Collage.

Selecting and Inserting Videos

Well, for this time, I will discuss how to edit videos using this InShot application. First, click on the “video.”

After you click or select the video menu, all the videos on your smartphone will appear. Choose one of the videos that you want to edit.

Editing Video Format

After you select a video, it will appear to select the video format that you want. There are three choices of video formats that you can use. First, the form of a full video without a landscape background.

The second form is a video with a background at the top and bottom. And the third form is a video shape that has a box shape. Choose one form according to your taste then click the checklist in the lower right corner.

You can also drag on each side of your video section to adjust the shape of the video according to your taste. So, in determining the form of the video is not limited to only three forms. The three forms are only options at the beginning, you can manually specify the video format according to your wishes.

But if you feel bothered to scroll the video, InShot provides several other shape options besides the three shapes at the beginning. To do this, you click on the “Fit” feature, then five options for the form of the video you want will appear and when you are done selecting, then click on the “checklist.”

You can also reduce the video or enlarge the video by shifting the green circle to the right and left. If you slide on the left, the video will shrink, and if you move to the right, your video will be enlarged. When finished, click the “checklist.”

Turning Off / On the Background Blur Effect

To edit the video, you can make a blur effect on the video background. First, you select the “Blur BG” feature then it will appear on the left a circle symbol with a crossed line. Click on this symbol and the blur effect will disappear. You can add the adjustment level of the blur effect by shifting the green circle to the right and left. After you are done, don’t forget to click the checklist.

Well, that’s a video editing tutorial by using the InShot application on Android. Simple, but still interesting and of course still cool. Easy right? For more information about how too editing videos using Inshoot, you can visit: