Know What WYSIWYG Is And The Advantages Of Using It

This time I will tell you how to use WYSIWYG HTML editor on websites, you don’t need to be a coding master to use this. After reading this article, you can implement WYSIWYG on your website, it’s easy! But before that, to make it more exciting, it’s better if we discuss a little “What is WYSIWYG?”.

What is WYSIWYG?

HTML WYSIWYG Editor stands for What You See Is What You Get Editor which means an edit screen with complete components so that what we use is immediately available in one place. This editor is very useful when you want to do typing that requires many components in it such as bold, insert image, insert links, change colors, align text, style text, etc.

WYSIWYG sounds like a long acronym, but it is at the heart of modern user interfaces.

How to Use WYSIWYG in HTML

WYSIWYG is a technical prefix meaning “what you see is what you get”. Usually refers to a user interface that allows you to directly edit and manipulate the appearance and content of a document, page, or file. This means that any modifications you make to something will appear the same way the final result was made.

As the Internet has become more widespread and accessible to people, the popularity of WYSIWYG HTML editors has increased. Because people need to find a way to upload and send formatted content instantly, most of them use a WYSIWYG environment.

Types of WYSIWYG Editors

The most popular are systems that allow you to edit documents and text. While other editors usually have a markup language like Markdown or BB Code which is then parsed into rich text, WYSIWYG editors like Microsoft Office allow you to make layouts and content adjustments on the go. These documents can then be shared or printed, and they will appear the same way they appear on your computer.

WYSIWYG can also be widely applied to some of the programs used by creative professionals. Live video editors, image editors, illustration software, and 3D animation studios all adopt visual ways to instantly display your results. For example, video editing software have a “preview” box that lets you play the last clip instantly before going through the lengthy export process.

Advantages of Using a WYSIWYG Editor

The main advantage of a WYSIWYG HTML editor is, of course, that it is easier for end users to use. Instead of learning how to use a different language, this HTML or JavaScript editor lets you format, resize and add multimedia to your posts with the click of a button, also with collaborative editing. This is why most forums, web creators, and editors are moving to a WYSIWYG system.

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