Let’s Learn About Various Types of Tires Damage

One of the causes of tire damage is terrible driving habits, for example, sudden brake. Aside from that, the nitrogen pressure is not standard causing inappropriate spooring, it is also the reason why your car tire might get damaged.

There are many types of tire damage. These types of damage occur due to different causes, and thus need different ways of prevention.

Uneven Tires

Let’s Learn About Various Types of Tires Damage

One type of broken tire is uneven wear or irregular wear. Some causes of this type of damage are less or more wind pressure, inappropriate spooring, and suspensions that do not work well.

Therefore, to prevent this, make sure your tire pressure is standard according to the instructions. Then, also do spooring or balance the wheel position periodically, and ensure the condition of the legs and suspension system is in good condition.

Spot wear


Another type of tire damage is spot wear, which is characterized by damage to the tire surface in certain parts. This damage arises because the driver often makes sudden braking, broken suspension, and wheel imbalance.

Therefore, according to the cause, try to avoid sudden braking, replace the damaged suspension, and do regular balancing in the car repair.

Tread cut penetration

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When a tire accidentally runs over a sharp object, this type of damage might occur. Therefore, be careful using a car on a damaged road or on the road with a lot of sharp objects.

Cut burst

The fourth type, cut burst, is the most severe tire damage, causing it no longer usable. This type usually occurs because the tire ran over sharp objects or has too high pressure.

Just like the Tread cut penetration type, this damage can be anticipated by reducing speed when you pass through damaged roads and adjusting wind pressure to a standard size. If your tires experience this, you should replace the tires by buying a new one at Southport Budget Tyres

Tread chipping



The last type of tire damage is tread chipping. This damage is characterized by a broken tire groove, but not worn. This type of damage is caused by rough and sharp road conditions, rough driving, and incorrect use of tire types.

Therefore, the solution to prevent this type of damage is the driver must reduce speed when passing through damaged roads, as well as using the type of tire that suits the road conditions.