Make Your Ideal Kitchen Oil-Free

A kitchen does not always have to be luxurious since this space is essentially a place for cooking.

In this place, we create various creations of fine cuisine and delicacies, for our beloved children and husbands. The kitchen is also a place for making delicious little cakes, for family gatherings.

Well, given the importance of the function offered by the kitchen, of course, we should not make it boring. Starting from the design, layout of the stove and kitchen set, to air circulation, all need to be carefully thought out.

For those of you who like to cook, it must be resentful when finished cooking, there are lots of splashes of cooking oil everywhere including the floor.

Usually cooking oil will leave marks on kitchen utensils. Don’t panic with all this, there are tips and tricks for clean oil stain.


You only need to use a cloth that has been dipped in cleansing soap that can remove traces of oil. After that, use a dry cloth to remove the remaining soap.

Well, it’s easy not to keep your kitchen sleek. If you are diligent in cleaning, the kitchen is free of stains and certainly more hygienic. So as not to be too visible using black kitchen tiles is the best solution.


Make Your Ideal Kitchen Oil-Free

You only need to moisten a dry cloth with a little kerosene, then rub it all over the stove surface exposed to cooking oil. Well, after that, wipe the surface of the stove with a dry cloth so that the remaining oil can be lost.


You only need to use cleansing soap to remove the remnants of the remaining oil after washing the cooking utensils. Do not forget to rinse with plenty of water so that the rest of the soap and the remaining oil is gone.

Cooking utensils

Make it a habit to always wash your cooking utensils after using them. Use dish soap so that the oil stains disappear plus it doesn’t smell bad anymore.


If the floor is full of splashes of cooking oil, you can use flour, cornstarch, powder, or salt You only need to sprinkle one of the four ingredients in the section affected by cooking oil. After one of the ingredients absorbs the oil, all you have to do is clean it with a broom.