Matt Davies Stockton Discusses Ways to Apply for The Google Ad Grant


According to Matt Davies Stockton, most grant applications are complicated, stressful, and long. However, the Google Ad Grant is quite different. It gives nonprofits around $10,000 as advertising expenses on Google Ads. Let’s check out how you can apply for the grant.

The Discussion

1. Meet the eligibility requirements – First of all, your nonprofit must hold a valid charity license in your country. For US nonprofits, you need a 501(c)(3) status. Next, your nonprofit should not be a healthcare organization or hospital. However, you qualify if your nonprofit works in the healthcare space on aphasia awareness, lung cancer research, and other such things.

Your nonprofit shouldn’t be a government entity either and shouldn’t be an academic institution like schools or universities. However, if your nonprofit is a philanthropic arm of an educational institution, you are eligible. You also need to agree to Google’s required certifications related to donation receipts and nondiscrimination and must possess a site with ‘substantial’ content.

2. Register with TechSoup and get a token – Once you’re sure about your eligibility, you need to register and validate your organization with TechSoup and get a validation token from them. TechSoup is also a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits by providing them with technology resources at a discount rate. It does that by partnering up with big tech corporations like Google. Register and apply for a token as soon as possible since it may take up to 30 days for your nonprofit to be validated.

3. Sign up to Google for Nonprofits – With your validation token, you can sign up for Google for Nonprofits. You’ll use this account to apply for the Ad Grant. Even if you don’t get the grant, you can use this account to be listed on Google’s mobile fundraising app One Today, get video annotations and donate buttons on YouTube and get free integration for Google Drive, Gmail, and other services under your domain.   

4. Apply for the grant – When you’re accepted as a Google Nonprofit, use it to create your Google Ads account and apply for the Google Ad Grant. Fill out the eligibility form and submit your account for review. Account reviews are usually done within 3 days. Make sure not to enter any payment information like Credit Card or online wallet. Otherwise, you’ll set up a standard paid Ad account and not a Grant account. 

5. Learn more about Google Ads – If your account is reviewed and you get the Ad Grant, you would be free to spend $329 every day from your account. To make the most out of those credits, make sure to learn more about Google Ads, Analytics, and the right strategies to maximize traffic to your account.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to apply for the grant. Grant in the form of advertising on Google helps you draw more traffic to your nonprofit and helps you reach your goals faster and helps you make a bigger impact through your organization.

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