OnePlus 9RT is alleged to launch in India as the OnePlus RT and is said to be accompanied by the OnePlus Buds Z2. Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro can be launched in India soon and can compete with the OnePlus Buds Pro beneath Rs 10,000. Along with the Moto G31, which is being touted as a strong mid-ranger, Motorola can also be expected to launch the Moto G200, Moto G71, Moto G51 and others. Set to launch in August 2022, the Psyche mission will explore a metal-rich asteroid of the identical name that lies in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test consists of crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid to shift its orbit, redirecting it away from Earth.

  • A multi-institutional group of researchers has constructed three-dimensional models of protein interactions in eukaryotic cells utilizing evolutionary analysis and deep studying.
  • A team from the Warsaw University of Technology is engaged on a universal and low cost hand prosthesis, the elements of which would be replaceable and could “grow” with the person.
  • Nokia and Russia’s YADRO plan to set up a joint venture to construct 4G and 5G telecom base stations in Russia, the two equipment makers stated on Wednesday, as a deadline for constructing networks utilizing only Russian equipment approaches.
  • The site’s focus is on revolutionary solutions and overlaying in-depth technical content material.

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