The Benefits and Usability of Computer Networks for a Company

A Computer Network is a system that allows several computers to be interconnected with each other and share data and media.

The Usability and Benefits of Computer Networks for a Company:

Computer Networks become a medium of communication between employees or staff in the company or organization. The medium of communication in Converged Communication Network Applications can be e-mail, chat, video conference, and VoIP.

Sharing resources

With a computer network, resources such as data on computer servers or hardware such as printers and scanners can be shared between company employees. If your workplace has several offices, floors, or branches within the company, the benefits will be felt immediately.

Information Flow Becomes Fast

The Benefits and Usability of Computer Networks for Company

Computer Networks make the flow of information in a company or organization faster and not limited by space or location. Information between divisions or branches flows through the computer network without the need for employees or staff to move from one place to another to get information.

Data Security

In terms of data security, a computer network can guarantee the access rights of every user in the company or organization. For example, leaders can access data that is their right to access and cannot be accessed by others, such as employees, security, and so on.

Data Integration

Existing data in an organization or company can be integrated, such as sales data, purchasing data, warehouse stock data, financial data etc. By using a computer network, the data will be connected even though it comes from different divisions.

Efficiency and Savings

With a computer network, companies or organizations can reduce budgets for transport and overtime. The results obtained by the company are more optimal because of the efficiency of time and resources.