The Best Bokeh Video Application on Android, No Need for Expensive Gadgets!

The Best Bokeh Video Application on Android, No Need for Expensive Gadgets!

For you photography lovers, you must be familiar with the term bokeh?

You see, bokeh has become a very familiar term in the field of photography and videography. Bokeh itself means where the background looks blurry and contrasts sharply with the main object.

Able to give results that look more attractive and professional, therefore the current bokeh effect has become a prima donna for children today.

Unfortunately, not all cellphones are currently equipped with a bokeh mode for video recording so they need the help of a bokeh video application to make it happen. Want to know what are the best bokeh video applications that you can use? Come on, see the complete article below!

How to Make a Video with a Bokeh Effect?

According to, there are two ways you can do to produce videos with a bokeh effect. First, use special gadgets such as DSLR cameras that do provide bokeh mode and the second uses editing techniques.

However, as we all know that DSLR camera devices are priced relatively expensive so that they can only be reached by certain groups.

But don’t be sad! Because we can still use the second method, namely the editing technique. You can take advantage of the bokeh video editing application that is widely circulating in the application store as ApkVenue will discuss below.

Recommended Best Bokeh Video Applications on Android

Do you want the video recording to look better with a bokeh effect, but your Android cellphone doesn’t support it? Don’t worry!

Here, some recommendations for the best bokeh video applications for Android phones that can make your video results even cooler.

1. Blur Video

The first bokeh video application that you can use is Blur Video by the Alpha Project developer. Through this application, you can easily edit the video that has been recorded so that it has a blurry effect on the background. This application itself provides three bokeh modes, namely FreeStyle Blur where you can decide which part to blur yourself, Insta No Crop to blur the edges of the video, and Fun Blur.

Advantages of Blur Video:

  • Free application downloadable
  • A simple interface and easy to use

2. Blur Videos & Images

Don’t like the previous bokeh video application? If so, maybe an application called Blur Videos & Images can be another alternative

You can try the Blur Videos & Images application. This application applies effects to videos or photos like a bokeh photo editing application.

Interestingly, this application also allows you to select which areas to blur yourself so that the results can be tidier and not square like most bokeh video applications. Unfortunately, the bokeh effect that is created is not that good because there are visible dividing lines between the object and the background. How to use it is also a bit difficult so it takes time to adjust. However, this application can be used to edit long videos

Advantages of Blur Videos & Images:

  1. Support on all Android phones
  2. Can edit long videos
  3. Can edit photos and videos

The final word

So, there you have it, some recommendations for the best bokeh video applications for Android phones. You can choose it according to your wishes and also cellphone specifications.