Tips on Buying a New Motorbike Safely & Practically

Motorbike is something that some prefer to rely on to support activities every day. In buying a motorbike, there are several things that need attention. The following are tips on buying a new motorbike safely and practically:

Choose an authorized dealer

Tips on Buying a New Motorbike Safely & Practically

If you want to buy a motorbike, choose an authorized dealer that provides quality motorbikes as well as fully-equipped and adequate workshop facilities for after sales, such as at Suzuki motorbike dealers.

Come directly to the showroom

You can directly come to the showroom to see the motor directly. It will be more convincing when you see the product in real so that the quality and condition can be known directly.

Check prices on the official website

For the official website of Honda, the price of the motor OTR is included. This check is necessary to anticipate the increase in price action.

Make sure to be served with official Sales

Motorbike authorized sales dealers will have a number of employees who specialize in handling sales. Make sure you are served with official sales such as sales counters or field sales by looking for an ID. Avoid buying a motorbike with someone like a third party (liaison) or mediator.

Get to know the type of motor and specifications that suit you

You can first see the type and specification of the motor that suits your needs. Is the type of motor automatic, cub, or sport? Do you function as a collection or daily use?

Plan according to your budget

After you have identified the type of motor to be chosen, adjust it to your finances. Think about whether you choose payment in cash or credit. If it’s a credit, choose a trusted leasing party.

Do the vehicle unit order process

If there is a match with the product, type, and price, you can order the vehicle unit provided by the sales clerk.

Payment for vehicle units

You are required to pay an amount of money in accordance with the agreement with the sales. If you buy cash then you pay the entire net price. If the purchase is credit, pay the agreed DP in front.

If you want to pay directly, make sure to pay at the location of the dealer, or give the money when the vehicle is delivered to your home or known as COD (Cash On Delivery).

Check completeness when handover the motorcycle

When you buy a motorbike, you also get a helmet, toolkit, manual and service book. If you don’t get all of it, ask the dealer.  You should get all in one since it has become the standard for motorcycle sales