Why you should sell your mobile phone before Black Friday and tips on how to get the best experience.

Why you should sell your mobile phone before Black Friday and tips on how to get the best experience.

I know we’re all excited about Black Friday that’s just a few weeks away. You know what this means, it’s upgrade season. It’s a perfect time to get an upgrade on all your devices including your mobile phone. Some of you are planning to sell your old phones and buy new ones this black Friday but the question is when? I think you should sell your phone before black Friday and get a new one on Black Friday and why you may ask? It’s quite simple, selling your phone before black Friday means you get to sell it for more because let’s face it there will be awesome Black Friday deals, and no one wants to get an expensive refurbished phone when there are better offers for refurbished phones or even brand new divides. You can research the market and get to know how this is done and the best way to go about it. You can giffgaff marketplace review to learn more. There are also options to swap your current phone for a better or newer one with a little cash top-up, you can read more about it online in Online Reviews platforms.

How to sell your old phone

Selling your old phone is not as easy as it sounds.  If you want to make the best out of it there are some tips you should follow, and we’d walk through some of them in this article.

Erase your data

Of course, the first step to sell your phone is to erase all your data, take out your SIM card, and your memory card; if any. Log out of all accounts, both social media accounts, email accounts, and any other account logged in on the device. It’s easier to reset the phone to factory settings to get rid of all your data. Don’t forget to log out of the cloud too.

Make it look good

Next, you want to clean your phone, make it look nice and as new as possible. You might want to change cracked screens, broken buttons, replace earphones, and the rest. However, it’s okay to consider the returns, any fixture that costs more than it will earn you when the phone is sold can be left out provided the phone is still fully functional. You can consider putting it back in the box just to give it that new phone feel.

Find where to sell your phone

Of course, you won’t sell your phone in your house, the next step is to research outlets or platforms where you can sell your phone. These platforms or outlets may require a small percentage from your sales, but it helps to get the phone sold faster and more easily. Alternatively, you could employ advertising platforms to advertise your phone and bring in buyers, you will still have to pay a certain amount to get the advertisement running.

After you have sold your old phone, you can now save up enough money to get the phone of your choice this Black Friday. Do your research, find out what you want, and let the wait begin.